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Sawcut Grooving MA

Diamond Wire SawingWire sawing is ideal for cutting mass concrete, reinforced concrete, sections of concrete too large for other methods, and metal cutting. Since virtually no concrete or metal structure or cross-section is too large, wire saws are used where other concrete and metal cutting methods are impractical. Wire sawing applications include removing large sections of heavily reinforced concrete such as piers, towers and bridge sections, and for concrete and metal cutting in areas where work space is restricted. It can also be used under water. This advanced method of concrete and metal cutting offers many advantages including no vibration, no dust and no disruption to neighboring operations greatly reducing costly downtime. We do a lot of metal cutting work in NJ, PA, NY, MA, and many other locations. Call us today to discuss the work that you need done.


Wire Sawing to Expand UV Light Disinfection Water Supply Plant


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