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Diamond Grinding NJ

Grinding and Rehabilitation of Roadways, Bridges, and Runways

Diamond Core Drilling Diamond highway grinding, or micro milling, is a proven and cost effective means of restoring vehicle ride quality. When properly done, highway grinding & rehabilitation also extends pavement life while increasing skid resistance. Rehabilitated roads and runways shed water faster, reduce hydroplaning and improve braking ability.

Old and new bridge decks can benefit from micromilling and profiling, which extend the life of the bridge deck by eliminating wheel hop. Our grinding equipment is capable of corrective (bump) grinding or continuous grinding depending on the job requirements. Atlantic Concrete Cutting's state-of-the-art micro milling / grinding and profiling equipment, along with our skilled operators, ensure that your project will be completed on time and within your budget.

We have done many mico milling jobs in NJ, PA, NY, MA and several other places. Call us today to discuss the work that you need done.

Profiling Services

Road surface profiling is an important part of highway and pavement engineering. Systems have been developed to collect real-time continuous highway-speed measurements of longitudinal profiles of road surfaces. From this data, engineers calculate the International Roughness Index (IRI) or Ride Number (RN). Both of these numbers are expressions for the roughness (and therefore ride comfort) of the road surface.

Profiling has become a crucial practice for transportation departments throughout the world and has become an everyday tool to measure road roughness. The grinding services provided by Atlantic Concrete Cutting Inc. include profiling specialists and the equipment necessary to assure compliance with all road surface specifications. Call us today for more details and information about why Atlantic Concrete Cutting Inc. is the contractor of choice to safely satisfy your grinding and profiling service requirements.

Concrete Scarifying

Diamond Core Drilling Scarifying is a fast, aggressive type of concrete grinding that leaves a rough surface finish. The equipment uses a rotating drum with several carbide tips to "chip away" at the concrete surface. It is mainly used as a surface preparation to ensure a clean, rough surface - which is mandatory for strong adhesion of a top layer of concrete or asphalt. Atlantic uses strong vacuum attachments to ensure a dust-free operation.

Shot Blasting

Diamond Core Drilling Shot blasting, like scarifying, is mainly used as a surface preparation to ensure a clean, rough surface - which is mandatory for strong adhesion of a top layer of concrete or asphalt. The equipment propels hundreds of steel balls downward into the concrete effectively chipping the concrete surface. The balls are recycled into the equipment and used continuously throughout the process. Because of the nature of the process, the resulting finish of shot blasting tends to be more random when compared to the finished pattern of scarifying.



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